Week 3-typography and language

I choose Futura, Gothic, Helvetica, Venum(font just for this logo) and Quiksilver(font just for this logo).

Futura, future, that’s so obviously. When i want to design something futuristic, Futura is always my first choice.

Gothic, i don’t use Gothic at all in my design, Netflix logo is just great, shows people Gothic is not just for teenagery girl who deliberately to be depressed.


This is the coolest MMA gears brand, their logo design is so good, their are not many brand can make people want to wear their logo, and venum did it, the font suit the logo perfectly.


I like this brand, i like their design on cloth, logo, and fonts, clear, simple but not mediocre.


And of course , my favorite, Helvetica.

Helvetica,rational, objective, systematic. Clarity, clear, readable, straightforward. Even there are a lot of new fonts has been created base on Helvetica, Helvetica is still my favorite. When i do an essay, i always want to use Helvetica.

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