Week 1

I’m going to design a symbol for myself.

First I want to write down what makes me.

Then i want to think all the details.

What do I like? What do I spend time on?

What do I do, or what do I want to be?

What I believe in(my values)?

Then I want to put everything about me together, and draw some idea down.

Then i mix them and make my final work.

And I came up with the final idea:

This is me, sharp, I never stop breaking ice, breaking rocks, go trough rough ways and see beautiful views. But I’m not a weapon, because there is no handle. I have many sides, many points, willing to go different path, live different life, try different things, I want to make every day of my life meaningful.

This progress is about put everything on table, and keep pick important part to go deeply concerning,  then get the final results.


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