This week our topic is ‘Take Note’.I think is very important to take notes when we learning, today we talked about how to take notes. And my group discussed this topic.

I learned a lot about taking note and this is my note of this class:

  • Write date on top of the page so i can easily find my notes when i need it.
  • Don’t writing every word down.
  • Only write what is important.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Use colours and symbols.
  • revise notes as soon as possible.
  • Spelling and grammar is not important as long as I can read and understand it.
  • Write short sentences.

In our class, some people come from different countries, and we talked about our own culture. it’s interesting to explore everyone’s cultures. It was great to see what people from other countries live their life. For example, I learnt that in Thailand they have a water day, people pour water on each other to bless each other.

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