This week we talked about creative enterprise in New Zealand.

Our group topic is Landscape architecture in New Zealand.

Each of us searched information on the internet, key words such as: New Zealand landscape  , Landscape architecture, Landscape artist, History of New Zealand landscape, Garden design.

Which interested me the most is the timeline of New Zealand Landscape architect. The first garden in Aotearoa were cultivated by Māori settlers, they bought seed from tropical Polynesia. Kūmara (sweet potato) was the main crop. Garden is for food in the first place. And when the European arrived, Some of them in New Zealand accumulated a lot of money and land in a relatively short time.

Grand city gardens

In the first decades of the 20th century the front gardens of a town’s wealthiest citizens resembled those of the large country houses, and required a permanent gardening staff to maintain them.

Brooklands in New Plymouth, Truby King garden in Wellington, Isel Park in Nelson, and Mona Vale in Christchurch are survied from the spread of suburbia.

For a side note, In the 19th and early 20th century New Zealand painting was dominated by a conservative English style. Landscape was the primary genre. Please see A view in Dusky Bay, William Hodges.


Through this class, we learn about the history of Landscape architecture in New Zealand. we found two company is famous for their architect in New Zealand, they are Landscaping New Zealand and New Zealand Insititution of Landscape New Zealand.



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