Week 3

1: What is the name of your group?

2: Who are the members?
Ming, Nik, Ben, Ezra
3: What is the Proposition you’re responding to?
What is in the present will deliver us to the future

4: Why have you chosen this Proposition?
I wanted to predict what the future could hold using the knowledge we have at the moment

5: What is the Outcome format you have selected?

6: Why have you chosen that format?
I really like making filming and this is one of the reasons why i had came to Unitec

7: Is there a specific question that underlies your Group Project?
What happens when Business Meets Art?

7: What do you currently know about the issue, topic, idea or field that you want to investigate?
Not much really, just know that there are a lot of takeaway/food shops on K-Rd and compared to the art galleries they over rule

8: What is the story of Karangahape Road that you wish your group to tell?
that all business should have their own identity to be unique

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