Week 7

  • The call to adventure – Steve needs to find friends

    Cross the threshold – Steve finds rube but need to find sapphire

    Tests, Allies and Enemies –  They find Lapis but they don’t know if they should help him

    Approach – Steve and Ruby find Sapphire and head into battle with the boss

    The Ordeal – Jasper sings a song about being strong. she wins but destroys the ship.

    The Reward – they get the crystal gems back on earth.

    The Road Back – Jasper come out of the wreckage and asks Lapis to “Fuse” so that they could be strong enough to beat Garnet together.

    The Resurrection – Lapis turns against Jasper dragging hem both back into the water..

    Back to Ordinary world – Steve gets a phone call from someone taking them back home.


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