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week 13

We have made our Presentation slide



week 12





In todays class, we discussing and workshopping the use of typography and image to create a graphic identity for a product or a service. that also cover issues that surround the subject such as copyright and cultural appropriation, as well as the use of colour and its associations. We looked at some examples of Branding and Graphic Identity and we discussed about them.

Week 11



I really enjoyed creating this collage and i loved seeing the final product, I really like the feeling that when i watch this collage i see all the fun time i had with my team on k-rd.



Week 10

I had chosen this Image i took while we were recording our project video, I Had also designed a logo to go on top of it. I think this Photo tells a story itself and with the text it changes it what the story is completely. With the Logo i had used Arial Black as that was the only font i could find which had a block like feature without looking too blocky. on top of that i had expanded the width or the letter “L” then add windows to showcase a building and drew a silhouette of a city on the bottom part of the “l”. To me This image has alot of meaning behind it and it may be different for everyone. But my initial message was to show how stressful it get when you can’t get what you desire.


Week 8


I chose different sized objects and put them either further away or closer to the other object. I did this to show how differnt something can look depending on the proportions. The images that are further away look like they are way smaller then the close up object, even though they are the opposite way.


I think this is a fun and simple class, not much to say.


week 6


I was really nervous about our presentation and i guess it showed while we were presenting. we didn’t really get much good feed back mostly i got that we won’t be able to do it or it isn’t as relevant. I think this is because we couldn’t tell our proposition properly and not being able to practice with the whole group


Week 5

We all had worked on a schedule and a layout for our presentation in week 6

this is what we came up with. this is easy to follow and straight forward