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Week 13

1: One object you wish you had designed
I would like to design a Dojo Since i am training to be a mix martial artist i would really like to custom design my own dojo to benefit my training.

2: One designer whose work you admire
David Carson
I like him because he breaks a lot of rules in designing he has design a lot of things for quick silver


3: What success means for you.
Doing the things i like to do and make money from it.

Week 10

As developing creative practitioners, what are your core values?

Core Value

  • Patience
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Obedience
  • Creative
  • Problem Solver

Mission Statement

I believe that having patience while designing is really important it helps you think about what you need and also lets you bring out your ideas, I personally draw out my strongest designs and start playing around with then to make it even better. When i encounter a problem I usually take a step back to analyse what is wrong and work in a way to resolve that problem instead of just avoiding is since i believe that i learn a lot more when resolving a problem then just avoiding it.

week 8

Name your subculture or idioculture

The Sub Culture i belong to is a Mix Martial Artist

The Idioculture would be Tournaments, Sparing sessions, Training.

The Material Culture would be, Gloves, Uniform, Mouth guard, Protective gear, Coloured belts (to show ranking)
• Is there any way of distinguishing different kinds of members of your subculture or idioculture?
Yes, There are many different types of martial arts, Karate, Tai kwon Do, Boxing, Kick boxing etc. To be a mix martial artist you would need to be able to train in multiple practises. You can differentiate them by looking at their stance they way of fighting (attacking and defending) but the most obvious one is to just look at the uniform and will be written on the club name.

Week 7

  • The call to adventure – Steve needs to find friends

    Cross the threshold – Steve finds rube but need to find sapphire

    Tests, Allies and Enemies –  They find Lapis but they don’t know if they should help him

    Approach – Steve and Ruby find Sapphire and head into battle with the boss

    The Ordeal – Jasper sings a song about being strong. she wins but destroys the ship.

    The Reward – they get the crystal gems back on earth.

    The Road Back – Jasper come out of the wreckage and asks Lapis to “Fuse” so that they could be strong enough to beat Garnet together.

    The Resurrection – Lapis turns against Jasper dragging hem both back into the water..

    Back to Ordinary world – Steve gets a phone call from someone taking them back home.