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PROJECT-Specialist Technology



Week 9 – Reflection of SpecTechs

In today’s class  we’ve watched an video about internet searching, actually I have been searched ‘how search works’ before lol. but to day the session brought us deeper and shown me more detail about it.

Because of last session, i had a new point of view about search engine – UX, i think one of the reason why google beats other search engines is because google found a balance between User Experience and advertising business, google doing really good about pervading people the result they truly need, unlike Baidu always show me lame hospital ads no matter what i search.

Week 8 – Reflection of SpecTechs

I couldn’t attend the class but people in my group were very nice, they share class note with me and i go on Moodle had a look of today’s class.

I think User Experience is very important, designer’s job is fight ugly and create a better world for people, to serve people better, improve user experience is the key.


Week 7 – Reflection of SpecTechs

I’m not a fan of  web design, but the session was good, now i have some basic idea of web design and writing code, i use to think is really hard to writing code, but now i think it’s not that hard, just like learning ps and ai, it’s all about practice, i think the most important thing about learning codes it’s to learn the way to think, and that’s one thing i’m really not good at…..


Week 5 – Reflection of SpecTechs

i missed the class, so i watched both of Richard’s Perspective sessions on Echo360 and i asked my friend to share his class note with me,  be honest, it was pretty hard to fully understand what the class was about without be there, have to do more research later.



Week 4 – Reflection of SpecTechs

We had a guest speaker – Reality Virtual founder Simon Che de Boer , we had an excited lesson and tried this new technology.  It was really interesting.