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Week 9 – Reflection of SpecTechs

In today’s class  we’ve watched an video about internet searching, actually I have been searched ‘how search works’ before lol. but to day the session brought us deeper and shown me more detail about it.

Because of last session, i had a new point of view about search engine – UX, i think one of the reason why google beats other search engines is because google found a balance between User Experience and advertising business, google doing really good about pervading people the result they truly need, unlike Baidu always show me lame hospital ads no matter what i search.

Week 7 – Reflection of SpecTechs

I’m not a fan of  web design, but the session was good, now i have some basic idea of web design and writing code, i use to think is really hard to writing code, but now i think it’s not that hard, just like learning ps and ai, it’s all about practice, i think the most important thing about learning codes it’s to learn the way to think, and that’s one thing i’m really not good at…..