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PROJECT-Specialist Technology



Week 13 – Looking Back and Moving Forward

After this semester‘s study, after all the study and practice i really learnt a lot, i’ve used id, ps, ai, pr before, but Ae is new for me. Now i already have basic skill in all those software, i believe those skill will help me a lot in the future study.

Week 10

I didn’t know you could use camera angles to animate on AE. this was a good experience


Week 9 Title Animation

I found this interesting and will be definitely be using this in my project work


Week 8 Basic Green Screen AE

Green Screen

This was so cool. I always wanted to learn how to use green screen


Week 7 – Stop motion

StopMotion Video  <—-Click Link to View video on youtube


Week 5 – Stop motion

no ICA, We had a guest speaker – Reality Virtual founder Simon Che de Boer , we had an excited lesson and tried this new technology.  It was really interesting.